Monday, October 1, 2012

Sandboxie: How safe it is?


More and more file shared between forum users, and a question arise. "Is the file safe?", "Is it safe to open this file? My antivirus XXX detect the file as YYY"

A forum user might reply that it maybe a false-positive detected by antivirus (and then begin comparing which antivirus is better). or something like this "To be safe, run inside sandboxie or virtual machine."

So today's topic is - How safe is sandboxie?
To begin with, how about some introduction first.

How sandboxie work?

According to main page, it's pretty clear how sandboxie work. Looking at gif images will surely made you understand in less than a second.

Sandboxie runs your program INSIDE isolated space. For example, says a software... let's call it "destroy_my_pc.exe". This software will alter your window's registry, modify file data, delete file on your computer and add some files into your computer. When you run this software using sandboxie, All the changes made by "destroy_my_pc.exe" on your computer will stays inside the sandbox, inside the isolated space.

Sandboxie will create a virtual space for your program. The space is usually on C:\Sandbox (Unless you changed the setting). So let's say the program wanted to create some file on your computer. Let's say it want to create a file on "C:\autorun.bat". When the program is run through sandboxie, the file will physically created on "C:\Sandbox\User\DefaultBox\drive\c\autorun.bat", not on "C:\autorun.bat". The software doesn't know that it runs on isolated space. The programs will see that the file resides on C:\autorun.bat but actually the file is on "C:\Sandbox\User\DefaultBox\drive\c\autorun.bat".

Let's say the software doesn't want to create autorun.bat when it is already exists. What it do is it will check the folder/drive content one by one to see if the file exists. Firstly, it do this by requesting the windows "What 's on C:\ ?". The windows reply back by giving file entries, such as: "Boot", "Program Files", "Users", "Windows", "some", "etc", etc", "etc...", "pagefile.sys", "autorun.bat" (<- Hey look... It's already there! Don't create the file!). So how the autorun.bat shows up on C:\ when it is not physically there? The file is on "C:\Sandbox\User\DefaultBox\drive\c\autorun.bat" Remember?

When a program inside a sandboxie request something from windows, sandboxie sits somewhere between windows and the program. While it sits there, it interfere the request by combining the entries returned by system with sandbox path. When a file got deleted inside sandbox, sandboxie simply remove deleted file from the entry. This is how it works with registry too. Sandboxie simply combine the two (real system and sandbox) into one and give it back to the program. How about altering file content? Simply by copying the file from physical path into sandbox path and alter the file data inside the sandbox path.

EDIT: Here I found something more to help you understand. The use of paper metaphor is most correct and easily understand. Source: WhatIsSandboxie?
Think of your PC as a piece of paper. Every program you run writes on the paper. When you run your browser, it writes on the paper about every site you visited. And any malware you come across will usually try to write itself into the paper.
Traditional privacy and anti-malware software try to locate and erase any writings they think you wouldn't want on the paper. Most of the times they get it right. But first the makers of these solutions must teach the solution what to look for on the paper, and also how to erase it safely.
On the other hand, the Sandboxie sandbox works like a transparency layer placed over the paper. Programs write on the transparency layer and to them it looks like the real paper. When you delete the sandbox, it's like removing the transparency layer, the unchanged, real paper is revealed.

How safe it is?

Sandboxie is pretty safe if you are using it right. Let's say you run a browser inside the sandboxie, downloaded some program which turned out to be a virus, and run it inside sandbox. The virus changed everything and deleted everything to make the windows unbootable. It also tried to copy files to external drive. But what really happen is all changes is inside the sandbox. When you restart your computer, your windows will still remain intact like nothing happens. What really infected is your sandbox. In fact, you can delete all your sandbox content by right-clicking it. Yes sandboxie is pretty safe.

When does it not safe?

As explained before, sandboxie combine the system file and registry with sandbox file and registry. A program running on sandbox can see and read the system, but cannot write to it - all write goes into sandbox and subsequent read/write will be performed inside the sandbox.

Sandboxie will not create a new fresh windows environment but rather a copy of your system. Well not exactly a full copy, but only copy when it is necessary such as when a program running inside sandbox wanted to write to an existing file, sandboxie will copy the file into sandbox first and then redirect the write into sandbox and all subsequent read and write will be on sandbox path.

Let's say you downloaded a file named "openme.exe" and begin suspicious with the file as your antivirus detect the file as trojan or dangerous malware. But you are not convinced. You turned off the antivirus and run the file inside the sandboxie. Then, you monitored the process and suddenly the process terminated. You inspected your sandbox content to see what changes made by the program - nothing can be found. So you delete the file as it does nothing. Suddenly, the next when you tried to login into your gmail account or facebook account or yahoo account, you can't. Your password has been changed by someone. All your account has been hacked. You decided to update your antivirus program and definition and scan the entire system, but the result is everything clean. Nothing infected your system. So what happened exactly?

What really happen is the program is instructed to collect all sensitive data on the victim computer. When you execute the file "openme.exe", the program will read your sensitive data, bypass firewall maybe and transmit all sensitive data to the attacker.

To prove this, I made a quick simple test program using VB6.0 and run inside sandboxie using its default settings. The program will run this test:
- Internet connectivity test.
- File read test
- Screenshot test

All test run successfully.

How to be safe?

Stay away from suspicious file or web page, never open them. If you still wanted to open it, use a completely isolated environment such as virtual machine and perhaps with network function disabled. If you want to use sandboxie to test suspicious file, block access to sensitive file, folder or registry by opening sandbox settings. Also, read the Sandboxie FAQ to understand how sandboxie works, how can it protect your system and what it cannot protect. Don't forget to use antivirus and firewall.

I've been using sandboxie nearly about 3 years. As a sandboxie user I love the features and how it works. I used sandboxie primarily to isolate games and some programs from my computer. Whenever I need to format my computer, I just restore my sandboxie.ini to the windows folder without need to reinstall all games. So far, I encounter zero problems by doing this. Even online games with cheat protection engine does work.


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