Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blog template test

Sensational template

This new template looks cool. If you are interested, here the links for this template:

This is only a test, you should ignore this.

Did you know that?
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    printf("%d...\n", i);

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sandboxie: How safe it is?


More and more file shared between forum users, and a question arise. "Is the file safe?", "Is it safe to open this file? My antivirus XXX detect the file as YYY"

A forum user might reply that it maybe a false-positive detected by antivirus (and then begin comparing which antivirus is better). or something like this "To be safe, run inside sandboxie or virtual machine."

So today's topic is - How safe is sandboxie?
To begin with, how about some introduction first.

How sandboxie work?

According to main page, it's pretty clear how sandboxie work. Looking at gif images will surely made you understand in less than a second.

Sandboxie runs your program INSIDE isolated space. For example, says a software... let's call it "destroy_my_pc.exe". This software will alter your window's registry, modify file data, delete file on your computer and add some files into your computer. When you run this software using sandboxie, All the changes made by "destroy_my_pc.exe" on your computer will stays inside the sandbox, inside the isolated space.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Parallel Port SPI Flash Programmer (and Unbrick via WM8650 tablet)

When using spipgm, you might encounter parity error or similar other error. Mostly, it means that the chip is not recognized because of various factor, such as bad connection. This issue has already been answered by Martin Rehak on its own web page. You can see them on SPIPGM FAQ.

Flashing EON EN25F40

The first time I use this software, I too had encounter parity error. So I want to share how I solved this problem and flash successfully the chip (unbrick WM8650 tablet).


Monday, July 23, 2012

Gravis Stinger Driver for Windows XP, Vista, 7


Older things tend to get discarded and left unused. I found a gravis stinger gamepad on drawer which were belong to my little brother. It was a present from my father. Now it hasn't been used for many years. Things is, there is no proper driver for windows xp and 7.

Back on old days, gravis stinger costs as much as today's gamepad or joystick and perhaps more expensive. Today's there are plenty of game controller to choose from and cheaper. The old hardware was left unused.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sending file through UDP Socket

(THIS is a repost, original post can be found on DNX Group blog)
User Datagram Protocol or UDP is a simple protocol. This protocol is unreliable - when a data packet is sent, it cannot be not known if it will reach its destination or not. There is no acknowledgement, retransmission, or timeout. When multiple data is sent at once, the order which they arrive cannot be predicted. They might be out of order. The data that is sent with sequence 1,2,3 might be recieved as 2,3,1. So, sending files through UDP socket is a bit difficult.


New Blog Template


I changed a new blog template. This one looks better. Maybe. I've been looking for HTML5 blogger template, but none could I found interesting.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Using modem/router as a TTL Serial cable

Hi all,

Ok here the story. I have another bricked unknown WM8650 android tablet given to me for repair. According to the tutorial found on some forum, first I need to check if the bootloader is still alive or already dead by using serial interface. So I get my Nokia DKU5 cable which were previously showing dead/damaged USB devices symptom - "USB Devices not Recognized" and plug it into my computer hoping that the cable will be detected by windows. Unfortunately windows does not detect it and show the error instead.