Friday, March 25, 2011

Virtual Orchestra Studio + Music Pack

If you like music, piano or rythm game, then try Virtual Orchestra Studio - a free game created by the koreans. This game, like synthesia is based on midi technology. With VOS, you can practice your hand, finger and mind altogether. This is some review about Virtual Orchestra Studio. You can download for free below which include music/song pack.

The Game
You will be able to choose song and character you like. The character you choose will affect your eyes when playing as each character will use different background color. I like Jail character as when playing, it will give you nice calm blue background which enable you to focus. The other character available to choose are Rock (purple), Bit - a robot or drone (cyan), Flanka - a slime monster (green slime), Simpson (gray), P.L.O (blue-gray), Franken (pink), and Rucy (blue).

This game consists of 7 different note that will fall down and reach the blue line you must press the corresponding key at the exact moment when the note is still in the blue line. Each time you hit the key as the note fall into the blue line, a score will be given. The score vary if you missed, make a mistake such as pressing key twice (fault), or if you pressed too fast before the note could reach the bottom or too slow (good).
The default key for each note is A (do), S (re), C (mi), Space (fa), M (so), L (la) ; (si). The key can be configured to something else, my preference is A S D Space J K L.

It's been a long time since I played O2Jam and I forgot much about that game. So this might not be correct... In O2Jam, when the note reach to its position, whether we pressed the corresponding key or not, press the wrong key, the music is still the same. There is no variation in music instrument too. In Virtual Orchestra Studio, you can change the instrument before playing as you like by pressing arrow button. When you are making a mistake, such as pressing the note multiple time, the note itself will playing multiple time. If you missed, the note will not be played at all.
I believe that other cannot determine whether you played properly or not in O2Jam but in VOS, other may laugh at you, if you play improperly.

The Music
There are many different music category that you can choose from which is Century End, Classic, For Beginners, Game and Anime, Jazz, New Age, Other, Pop, Rock, SoundTrack, Techno and World Pop.
Each different category contains music that you can choose. With my music pack, there will be two additional category which I get from various source and you can choose approximately 1000+ song.

The game uses custom format .VOS which basically a midi file with note arrangement. This game also support Be-Music Script file (.bms) developed by Urao Yane. If you are looking for some bms file, you can search on google engine or any other search engine. Perhaps when looking for bms files, you will find out that most of the link seems to be dead or outdated. In this case, you can use to get the old website content and download from there.

Vos Creator
Since the game is midi based, you can easily convert any of your favorite midi file to VOS format by launching Vos Creator. You can choose and select which note you want to be available in the game. The arrangement is done by the Vos itself, so nothing you can do about it. When opening Vos Creator, there will be two side and a vertical scrollbar on the center. The left-side is the available note, and the right side is the view in the game. You can select which note to be available in game on the left side. You also can right-click on the note to toggle note length.

The Vos Creator is included in the package as a zip file. You need to extract it first before using it.

The Game Creator
The game is made by HanseulSoft Inc. Opening the credits menu reveal that they are only a small group that make this great game. It appears that they use their nickname such as Strider, lilith, 2loopers, HappyChild and etc in the credits. Their website appears to be redirected to when writing this review. I didn't check what is FashionVos yet as it is in korea language, but it seems to be music like game too with fashion?

The game can be downloaded [here] or in [mediafire mirror], it doesn't included any installer. So you just need to extract and launch vos.exe
If you run this game on windows 7 or vista, be sure the read this [blog entry] too.
If you would like to beat someone, then there is [scoretable] containing my score as well as others. Simply extract into the VOS folder.

Don't forget to play this game with your family and friends.


  1. can you teach me how to use vos creator please..

  2. @eslia: Sorry for late reply, I'm too busy right now. You need to load a midi files and on the main interface, you will find 15 different segment.

    On the left is the music note (from midi available too choose), center is scroll, right is music note (when playing)

    On the right side is the note which will be appear when you play the game. So your task is to fill this right side by selecting the note available from the left side. You also can change instruments through instrument list on VOS Creator tools.

    After you done, you can save and put the file into the following game folder:
    ...\Virtual Orchestra Studio\Album\\Your music name.vos

    Last, start the game and find the music you just compose and play. Enjoy :)

  3. can i get some VOS song pack ? pleaseee.. i wonder if there anyone have the FF X sutekidane song for VOS. T.T

  4. Is there a way to convert vos file to midi file?

  5. Currently there is no available application to convert from vos to midi... If I find something, I'll make sure to post about it :)

  6. From what i remember... it's not that hard to create vos song... (import from midi and design script for play)

    revert process seem possible with many way ... you can use recorder and sent midi out from program to another DAW input midi ..that's ... but it's very long time ago i can't remember it can do as native inside the creator or not ...

    i really missing BM98 days... made some song with it in Be-Music format... met some great Japan BMS Artist...

    it's not that hard you can try it but for advanced you need to learn about MIDI and DAW to get what you want from it...

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  8. Hi Syahmi,

    I have downloaded the game and it worked perfectly. but when I played some songs that have more than 3 notes per row, the key is not working. I have change the key config to a s d space j k l, but when i press the notes for more than 3, it would not show anything. need your advice. thanks




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