Monday, March 28, 2011

fsredir v1.1.0

Updated fsredir to v1.1.0
Hi all, I finally managed to update fsredir driver. There is issue with previous version which is file/folder will be duplicated when both target and source folder contain same file name. The fix is very easy but tracing other minor issue is not.

Since this driver is loaded on each volume, I added a feature to enable only certain drive and implement new configuration file parser. This feature can be changed by modifying fsredir.marker.

Hopefully this changes will fix everything, but I didn't fully test the driver myself as I'm on my laptop now with limited resources, so if you found any issue and bug, please report it.

Changes include:
- Fixed duplicated file/folder entry
- New configuration file format
- Some minor fix

Configuration file:
Root - Path where files or folder will be redirected. Place quotes around path name if it contain spaces.
EnabledDrive - You can enabled only selected drive, for multiple drive separate each drive by semicolon ";" like example above.

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