Monday, February 7, 2011

Latest fsredir in action

It's been a while since I last update this blog.

I want to tell that fsredir drivers almost complete (or already completes) and its now works on Windows XP too :) Of course it will works on windows 7 and windows PE. I haven't tested this driver with windows vista and other windows version because I don't have them but hope this driver works for them. Originally I want to make it support only for WinPE but considering that this driver might be helpful for some user such as lack of free space on C:\ drive and want to put the data on D:\ and still want windows to think that files still on C:\.

There is a person that work for F-Secure who helped me so much by giving me some tips and some tutorial links that helped me very much. Thanks to him, and with his help I can develop and debug fsredir driver easily. Here are some link that he shared with me and I want to share with you:
Before, I debug my driver using minidump files created by BSOD as I don't know how to debug windows. Now with VirtualKd, it makes me want to learn basic Windows debugging  ;)

Latest fsredir driver now can copy directory content on... :S
Let's say you put fsredir.marker on D:\ and write \fsredir for root directory. You put files on D:\fsredir\test.txt, the files now appear on C:\test.txt

Here some picture fsredir in action running on Windows XP.
Creating a new file named as fsredir.marker on D:\

Put \fsredir inside fsredir.marker for root path
Creating a directory named fsredir as defined in the picture above for root
Putting some files on D:\fsredir
As you can see, test.txt now appears in C:\ too :) Double clicking it will opened notepad and read file contents originated from D:\fsredir\test.txt while notepad still thinks that file is on C:\test.txt

I will upload the driver later, so stay tuned :)


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