Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CHDK for Canon Powershot A495


Last year, I ported CHDK to Canon Powershot A495, which can be found here: http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php?topic=5570.0
But didn't have much time. If anybody interested to continue my work, you can see and get git repository here: http://gitorious.org/canon-powershot-a495-chdk/canon-powershot-a495-chdk/trees/master

After bought new camera - Canon a495, I'm looking for firmware for this camera model to see anything updated. But unfortunately I didn't found any. After looking hard, I found CHDK which stands for Canon Hack Development Kit for Canon camera. They didn't support a495 camera model, so I began reading porting guide, open arm disassembler and begin porting it using firmware 100d dumped by fvdk.

After half of the port done, I begin dumping myself and realize that my camera has 100f firmware. :-S :S :S :-S.... :|
c.c  :'(
So, I left 100d and begin porting 100f  and release beta version. The 100d version is still on git repository, incomplete and half-way done. I might continue to port this, or not... If I have time to spend.

Firmware download:
Beta 1 - a495-100f-0.9.9-Syahmi-full.zip
Beta 2 - a495-100f-0.9.9-957-full_beta2.zip

Some Photos: 
Some photo is taken from alpha release and some from beta release. All this photo taken during the development.

CHDK Script Menu
Sokoban Games on a495

Canon a495

CHDK Main Menu


Zebra On - Overexposure

File Browser in a495


CHDK splash screen from alpha version


  1. There is another current porting for this camera by CHDK-DE. Its on the alpha stage and they release weekly revisions.

  2. Can you send files to my email CHDK? because I always failed to download files in fileserve.com, thanks for your help...

  3. here: http://www.mediafire.com/?xax4aq2k9fcodvo

  4. Thanks for your post.

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